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Stabilizing the Damage until Help Arrives

Protect what is left after a flood. Efforts will go to public safety, restoring basic services, and getting businesses functioning again. Residential cleanup is close to the last service on the list, and that could mean months of neglect that allows undamaged goods to be spoiled. Decon Five is a maintenance program that is delivered in a decontamination spray of all goods. Used once a month, your home or business could recover much faster and with less actual cost.

Powerful Odor Elimination

99.9999% Sanitizing Impact

Kill mold on contact

Neutralize chemical residue

Biodegradable & Non-toxic

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New Product Announcement!

SAFETOUCH Antimicrobial Coating Services is now featuring DF 500.  The product produces a 99.9999% kill rate on all types of pathogens, thus creating a safety net that cleaning alone doesn’t address. Because Infection control requires a more proactive approach. Utilizing a No Touch 360° coating process we can treat an entire facility using our proprietary h2o2 spray to sanitize all surfaces.

Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly  scheduled surface re-coating and equipment maintenance plans available.

SAFETOUCH anti-microbial coating services is equipped to provide a Quick Response Service to mitigate facilities with sickness outbreaks. Technicians will execute a 360° product application to affected areas through the use of Advanced Electrostatic application technology utilizing hospital-grade disinfectants, reducing further transmissions, aiding in a faster re-occupancy of the treated facilities

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