Providing Duel Pro-Active Solutions for environments that are prone to the growth of germs, mold and mildew. Applications designed for Healthcare Facilities, Athletic Facilities, Educational Institutions, Residential and Commercial Environments.

  • Proactive instead of Reactive!
  • 24/7 barrier that fight against microbes!
  • Protecting Customers, Employees and your Brand !

SAFETOUCH Duel Pro-Active Services

Combine the power of Antimicrobial Surface Coatings with Advanced Air Treatment Systems

By utilizing SAFETOUCH Services you can enjoy a constant air purification and surface protection in your home or business.

How Duel Pro-Active Services works?

SAFETOUCH applies an overall application of our proprietary extended life anti-microbial coatings to all the inside surfaces of the property.

Strategically install Advanced air treatment systems designed to meet the client’s environment and property size requirements.

SAFETOUCH provides scheduled surface re-coating and equipment maintenance plans that best fits our client’s needs.

Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Service Areas

* So. Indiana * Western Kentucky * North Central Kentucky *

Evansville, IN * Henderson, KY * Louisville, KY * Lexington, KY * Frankfort, KY

Providing Duel Pro-Active Solutions to Healthier Living

Eliminates or Reduces


Organic Odors


Mold, Mildew

Bacteria and Fungus

Cigarette Smoke