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The SAFETOUCH Advantage

SAFETOUCH utilizes advanced air purifying equipment along with surface coating services, targeting  high-touch, high-traffic areas treating virtually any surface people come in contact with. Our pro-active odor, germ and mold removal and prevention system can significantly reduce surface contamination and provide for a safer indoor environment. The goal is to create an healthier home, workplace and athletic environments. The benefit of having a healthy workplace is that healthier employees are absent less often. Healthy workers are more motivated to stay in work. In addition, organizations stand to make substantial cost savings by promoting health in the workplace and reducing sickness absence. The benefits of having a healthy living space go well beyond having a clean appearance. A home that seems healthy can actually be a haven for odors, mold, and germs. Cleaning sprays and wipes are only effective if the user knows how to properly apply them. The spread of germs and viruses through contact with athletic equipment, living spaces, and work environments is a serious health concern. Contact SafeTouch Surface+Air today to treat your home, workplace, or athletic environment with an extended life Anit-Microbial coating and air treatment equipment to reduce the spread of odors, mold, and germs.

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