Featuring EPA-registered


“PROVEN” effective against but not limited to:

 Mycotoxins *  Norovirus *  Paclitaxel (Taxol) * Pathogenic Avian Flu (HPAI)

Penicillium Variabile * Proteus Mirabilis * Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Salmonella Choleraesuis * Staphylococcus Aureus * Staphylococcus Epidermidis

Vancomycin Resistant-Enterococcus Faecalis (VRE) * Aflatoxin

Anhydrous Ammonia * Anthrax-AMES RIID * Anthrax-ANR 1 * Aspergillus Niger * Bacillus Globigii

Bacillus Subtilis * Bacteriophages * Bovine Coronavirus * Bovine Enterovirus * Butyl Isocyanate

Capsaicin (Pepper Spray) * Enterobacter Aerogenes * Erwina Herbicola * Escherichia Coli (ESBL)

Escherichia Coli O157:H7 * Enterobacter Aerogenes * G-Series Nerve Agents * Influenza a & B

Klebsiella Pneumoniae * Listeria Monocytogenes * Malathion * Methamphetamine

MRSA * Mustard (HD)

Common causes for Odors in the Home

Mold * Gas leaks * Pesticide * Dirty HVAC Equipment * Hidden Leaks * Blocked Sewer Vents

Spilled Chemicals * Odorous Building Materials * Blocked Chimneys * Standing Water

Pet Odor * Critter Infiltration * Crawl Spaces * Interior Sump Pumps * Breakdown of Materials

Cleaning Chemicals * Dead Animal * Cooking Spices (Curry) * Cigarette Smoke * Cat Litter * Urine

Toxic Flooding Leaves Home Hazardous

Toxic Flood WatersThe recent events of flooding caused by Hurricane Florence add to the tragedies of this massive flood event.  Dirty water from flood is bad enough.  It smells and contains silt that is extremely hard to remove.  If carpet and furniture car affected by flood water, it doesn’t pay to clean them.  Just throw they out and put your attention of goods that can be saved.

But, the problem is far worse than dirty water.  More often, it is very toxic water.  Let’s start with sewage that comes from overloaded sewage systems and plants.  Massive water deluges pick up some bad chemicals from industrial sites, waste sites, and stored goods that are swept away in the wind and flood of a major storm.

Now, we hear reports regarding Hurricane Florence of the masive tobacco farms, pig farms, stored fertilizer.  The “Hog Poop” problem was first noticed during Hurricane Matthews in 2016.  And, there is nearly nothing anyone can do.  Non-farmers may not be aware of ponds used on farms to hold animal waste, but this is very common.

But, dangerous and toxic flood water is not just an issue in North Carolina.  All floods collect really bad stuff from those neglected and obscure areas making flood water so much more than the chore of pumping the water out of the basement.  We have not yet mentioned the challenges of electrical shock.  But, the lasting and ugly problem of toxic water is a latent health issue for anyone struggling to recover their home, office, school, or business operation.

We recommend that decontamination needs to be applied at every stage of the cleanup.  Once the water is pumped out, be aggressive to remove and throw out damaged goods.  Remove all damaged drywall right away so wood can start to dry, and get some fans running to aid in the dryout.  Then, treat every square inch with a decontamination product, like Decon Five.  We know that the rebuild can take months until a financing secured and an available contractor is hired.  So, plan to have the house treated monthly to prevent the compounding the damage … and cost from mold.

Your $25,000 cleanup and restoration can easily double and triple if mold explodes through the house affecting the areas that the flood did not touch.  This cannot be ovder emphasized.  Mold loves moisture, and given high humidity, wet materials, and enough time … mold with happen everywhere throughout the house.