Air & Surface Purification Product- Equipment


Surfaces only stay clean for a short period of time after simple hand wiping or light cleaning. Dirty laundry bags or boxes  leaves behind a heavy concentration of germs- exposing you to harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces. Delivery vans can be better maintained between cleanings with air & surface purification products and equipment

ECOBUS | Commercial Vehicle Air Purification System

ECOBUS is designed to be a permanently mounted unit, specifically for Delivery Vans. ECOBUS renders bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and other contaminants in the air, and on all surfaces, effectively harmless on a continual basis. Treatment from ECOBUS also eliminates odors to create a cleaner, safer work environment for passengers.


pureAir MOTION | Car Air Purifier

pureAir MOTION is a compact air purification solution for your vehicle that conveniently fits in a cupholder. MOTION uses an effective Cluster Ion Technology to remove particulate and odors from your breathing space and reduce bacteria and viruses. Feel confident in your vehicle – pureAir MOTION keeps the air and surfaces fresh and clean!

SAFETOUCH Surface & Air utilize products from NEOSAN LABS.